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MAR 21, 2024


Holi, the festival of colors, is a time for uninhibited fun, vibrant expressions, and joyous celebrations. While the focus is definitely on getting drenched in an array of hues, it's also the perfect opportunity to elevate your look with playful, eye-catching accessories. That's where Kicky & Perky, your favorite jewelry brand, steps in to help you create a truly unforgettable Holi ensemble.


Holi is your chance to let your inner fashionista shine. Here's how Kicky & Perky can help you create a playful and memorable ensemble:

Statement Earrings: Your Holi Must-Haves

Graceful Diamond Elegance Earrings

Add a touch of timeless sparkle and sophistication to your Holi celebrations with these beautiful earrings. Their subtle elegance shines even amidst the riot of colors.

Floral Harmony Enamel Earrings

Add a touch of timeless sparkle and sophistication to your Holi celebrations with these beautiful earrings. Their subtle elegance shines even amidst the riot of colors.

Pendants for a Pop of Personality

Emerald Frills and Folds Pendant

Stand out with this unique piece inspired by traditional Indian designs. Its vibrant emerald hue adds a touch of sophistication and festive flair.

Rings for a Touch of Whimsy

Flower Enamel Ring

Embrace the blooming florals of spring with this delicate and charming ring. Choose from a variety of enamel colors to match your Holi outfit or simply your mood.

Comfort and Style Go Hand-in-Hand

While your accessories steal the show, remember that Holi is all about carefree fun! Choose comfortable outfits that allow you to dance and play without feeling restricted. Here are some ideas:

  • Flowy and Breezy: Opt for airy fabrics like cotton or linen in flowy dresses, breezy palazzos, or a classic white kurta. These comfortable options provide the perfect backdrop for your Kicky & Perky jewelry to shine.
  • Footwear for Freedom: Choose comfortable and colorful sandals or flip-flops that you don't mind getting messy – Holi is all about embracing the playful chaos!

Protecting Your Sparkle

Even as you celebrate with abandon, it's important to keep your precious Kicky & Perky jewelry safe. Here's how:

  • Selective Sparkle: Choose a few key statement pieces to highlight, like your Graceful Diamond Elegance Earrings or the vibrant Emerald Frills and Folds Pendant. This minimizes the risk of damage while still making a stylish impact.
  • Choose Durability: Prioritize jewelry crafted from sterling silver, gold-plated materials, or pieces with natural gemstones for added resilience.
  • Storage for Safekeeping: Keep a small pouch handy to store your jewelry if you choose to remove it during the festivities.

Beyond the Jewelry: Complete Your Holi Look

  • Protect your Hair: Tie a colorful scarf as a stylish bandana or headband to keep those luscious locks color-protected.
  • Shield Your Eyes: Opt for fun and oversized sunglasses to add a touch of playful glamor while protecting your eyes from color.
  • Bag It Up: Keep your essentials dry and secure in a waterproof crossbody bag or a vibrant fanny pack.

Let Your Holi Style Sparkle!

Most importantly, remember that Holi is about embracing self-expression and having a fantastic time. Don't be afraid to experiment, mix and match your Kicky & Perky pieces, and let your personality shine through.

Visit the Kicky & Perky website or store to explore our complete collection and discover even more dazzling jewelry options to make this Holi unforgettable! Happy Holi! 🌈

Comfort is Queen: Styling for Fun and Freedom

Remember, Holi is all about letting loose and having a blast! Choose comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and dance without restrictions.  Prioritize comfort, and let your Kicky & Perky jewelry shine against these simple yet stylish backdrops:

  • Flowy Fabrics: Opt for breathable materials like cotton or linen. Flowy dresses, breezy palazzos, or a classic white kurta with colorful leggings are perfect choices.
  • Keep it Simple, Let Your Jewelry Shine: The simpler your outfit, the more your jewelry will stand out. Think of your clothes as a blank canvas for your sparkling accessories!
  • Footwear for Fun: Choose comfortable sandals or flip-flops that you don't mind getting a little colorful. Remember, Holi celebrations can get a bit messy!

Protect Your Sparkle: Tips for Jewelry Care on Holi

While we all want to dazzle, safeguarding your precious Kicky & Perky pieces is important. Follow these tips to keep your jewelry looking its best:

  • Choose Your Heroes: Prioritize a few statement pieces instead of layering everything you own. Our eye-catching earrings or a bold necklace are all you need to elevate your look.
  • Durability Matters: Opt for pieces made with sterling silver, gold-plated materials, or natural gemstones. These materials are more resilient against color and water.
  • Safe Storage: Carry a small pouch or ziplock bag to store your jewelry if you need to remove it mid-celebrations.
  • Post-Holi TLC: Gently clean your jewelry with warm water and a mild soap after the festivities to remove any color residue.

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