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Blue Talphe Glow Earrings

Sale priceRs. 2,299.00

Introducing modern Minimalism with our 24K Gold Plating stud earrings, elegantly featuring a single, faceted moissanite for a refined and striking aesthetic. These earrings are a testament to sophisticated simplicity.

  • Weighs 2.27 grams, designed for elegance with everyday comfort.
  • Measures 10.85 mm in length and 10.57 mm in breadth.
  • Showcases a brilliant faceted moissanite at the forefront, perfectly cut to maximize its vibrant fire and intense sparkle.
  • Features a sleek, simple geometric design that emphasizes the pure beauty of the moissanite.
  • Available in Different Colors - Pink and Blue

Styling Tip: Tailored for the modern minimalist, these earrings are versatile for any style preference. Select the moissanite size that complements your look, from understated elegance to a bold fashion statement.


Blue Talphe Glow Earrings
Blue Talphe Glow Earrings Sale priceRs. 2,299.00