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Taurum: The Antique Vanguard

Sale priceRs. 7,949.00

Channel your inner strength with this bull's head pendant, impeccably crafted from 925 sterling silver with an oxidised rhodium finish. The bull, a symbol of male energy and resilience, is rendered in striking detail, making this pendant a bold statement in our Men's Collection. It’s perfect for the man who carries a strong and grounded presence.

Material: Durable 925 sterling silver.
Plating: Available in both Oxidised 24K gold plating and Oxidised Rhodium that adds a touch of antique charm.
Symbolism: Represents enduring power and unyielding strength.
Styling Tip: Ideal for adding a rugged touch to a sharp blazer or a simple tee.

Taurum: The Antique Vanguard
Taurum: The Antique Vanguard Sale priceRs. 7,949.00