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The Regal Amulet

Sale priceRs. 6,149.00

Dive deep into the allure of iolite with this elegantly crafted pendant from our Men's Collection. Set in 925 sterling silver and highlighted with an oxidised rhodium coating, this pendant features an octogen-cut iolite stone, known for its shifting blue and violet hues. It’s the perfect choice for the man who values the mystique and rarity in his collection.

Material: 925 sterling silver with a focus on quality.
Plating: Oxidised rhodium to enhance the deep colors of the iolite.
Stone: Iolite, with its intriguing play of color and clarity.
Weight: 10.6 grams, ensuring a solid and premium feel.
Styling Tip: Best paired with dark hues to let the iolite's colors stand out, suitable for both formal gatherings and more relaxed settings.

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The Regal Amulet Sale priceRs. 6,149.00