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✨ 92.5% Sterling Silver Jewellery ✨

The Serene Vanguard pendant chain

Sale priceRs. 3,990.00
An attractive blend of vintage allure and asymmetrical elegance. The Asymmetric Antique Silver pendant, meticulously crafted from 92.5 sterling silver, showcases a war arrow bent to A-design with intricate texture, evoking a sense of historical splendour. This classic masterpiece effortlessly enhances any ensemble, from casual t-shirts to refined shirts, adding a touch of sophisticated charm. With its perfect chain length, it offers a seamless fit, draping gracefully over the neckline. Embrace the serene aura of Aurelian and make a fashion statement with this distinctive pendant, a symbol of refined style and understated elegance. Let it be your personal emblem of timeless grace.
The Serene Vanguard pendant chain
The Serene Vanguard pendant chain Sale priceRs. 3,990.00